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All These Things

Monday, April 13th, 2009 @ 1:42 am | Audio, Random, Story

My heart is racing, buried under all these towels I found in the bathroom, holding my eyes tight that this trip might be over soon.

We left the house with an 8-ball of blow, almost an ounce of sticky buds, assorted bottles of liquor, and a baggy of dried mushrooms begging to be eaten. At the time we questioned whether we had enough, quite enough for a good time, but the only thought going through our minds was, “just how fucked up can we get?”.

“I think you have a pill problem”, Daniel is yelling at me from the front seat. I have this magical endless prescription of painkillers, the downside being they mix these things with acetaminophen. It’s a hard limit they give you, “don’t take too many of these or you will fuck yourself up”. I’ve never been one for rules, rather I’ve always found a way around them, Codeine was without exception.

A quick bit of searching on the internet will tell you how to extract codeine from the pills they give you over the counter, which makes for quite an experience. Your whole world turns to liquid, and aside from the unpleasant allergic reaction to opiates my body has, the whole ordeal is worth the occasional itch.

I’ve downed bottles of cough syrup to speak to god, swallowed poison nightshade tea to walk through walls, seen winged angels of death floating over me at the peaks of acid trips, and have had my soul ripped from the base of my spine. Yet despite all of these experiences, I still always manage to find myself in amazing once a lifetime experiences that I’m convinced I will never top.

Perhaps I have found that experience for the last time.

It began as an series of ill-fated attempts to find parties, we bounced from college to college, dorm to dorm, and nothing we found was quite as intense as we were looking for. These kids don’t know how to drink, these kids don’t know how to smoke, these kids don’t know how to properly do lines off of bare breasted sorority girls, and most importantly, these kids don’t know how to fuck.

That was a resounding message throughout the beginning of the night, “We’re here to fuck and get fucked up”.



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