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I’m going out for coffee | The Daily Leaf


I’m going out for coffee

Sunday, January 5th, 2020 @ 5:58 am | Random


I didn’t hear her at first, and she wasn’t amused when I looked up at her from the book I was buried in. 

“Do you want to get coffee?”, she wasn’t wearing any makeup and her hair was a mess, she was wearing the same shirt she slept in, and the skirt from the night before uneven off her sides. 

“You’re not going to change?”, I grinned and put the book down on the bed beside me. I hadn’t actually been reading it, or at least I didn’t remember any of it because my mind was wandering the whole time.

“Asshole!”, she laughed and did that thing with her hair I promised myself I’d never get tired of.

“You’re right”, standing up and putting an arm around to pull her close, “You always look great”. 

I moved in for a kiss, but she gave me a light push back while rolling her eyes, “Whatever, so do you want to go with me or what?”



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