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Choking on bad habits | The Daily Leaf


Choking on bad habits

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008 @ 11:45 pm | Audio, Story
[audio:|titles=Arco Arena|artists=Cake|autostart=yes]

I’ve got this sound stuck in my ears…

In between short puffs of a cigarette and half full glasses of Jack Daniels, I’m finding it hard to stay awake. She might as well be holding a gun to my head, screaming insanities, something about needing a change.

I had to drown her out with Xanax, and 6 blissful hours later I was sitting at the bus stop without shoes in the rain muttering stories to the guy who very well may not have spoken English at all anyways.

“And you get … paid to do this?”, I tried not to smile at the homeless man. We were sitting at the back of the bus, he caught me taking notes on the people who got on and off.

“Not exactly”, handing him the half full pack of cigarettes, “don’t worry I’ve got another pack”



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