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Wednesday, June 1st, 2011 @ 12:00 am | Audio, Story

We took shots of tequila and slammed our glasses on the bar, like mad ex-lovers fighting for an excuse to relive old passions.

I’m not entirely sure which one of us was looking for the excuse, though we’d been in this spot before. I put my arm around Amanda, together making embarrassing efforts to kiss innocently at the bar without the rest of our party catching glimpses through the crowd.

She smiled at me with glazed over eyes, “Another?”

“You know me”, a mistake coming from a drunken haze of wrong intentions.

“That’s what you keep telling me”

The night had run with disillusions, questions hanging in the back of our minds that we tried to hide from each other. The smile running across my face became tiring to hold in place, the pain of doubt starting to pull it away. Tired eyes became hollow points, a clear window into my thoughts that she could plainly see through.

We must have been on the same frequency, at least in passing moments. She pulled herself close to my side, wrapping her thigh around my leg with a sensual pressure that could only mean one thing.

Looking down at her, with a half full beer still in hand, “do you want to get out of here?”

She laughed, shrugging off the suggestion while pulling a cigarette to her lips, “You’d like that wouldn’t you”

Lighting her cigarette, “I thought you didn’t smoke”

“I’ve changed”, blowing smoke in my face with an innocent grin.

“I highly doubt that.”

I was tired of waiting, tired of the game. The air was humid in the bar and the music was starting to drive nails of bass into my sleepless eyelids. Most of all, I was horny. The night had started with a series of effortless text messages, trying my best to hide raw intentions within cryptic innuendo. She played along, as always.

“I’m not your little girl anymore”, dropping her cigarette butt into my bottle of beer.

“Why do you have to say it like that, it sounds…”

“Dirty?”, putting her hand in my pocket.

I was caught off guard as she teased her hand around deeper. I bit my lip to hide the anticipation that was surely gleaming across my face.

She squeezed her finger tips around the loop on my keys, “Ready?”


The ride home was riddled with a series of awkward glances back and forth at each other. Consciously blocking out all signs that the night might spiral further into this nervous horny mess, leaving a thin trail of sighs on the road behind us.

Audio : UNKLE (featuring Josh Homme) – Restless



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